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Official google play store has a limited authority to serve content besides, It does apply charges for Popular apk’s and games such content as well as there may many chances for security violation while trying to download any content from that source. Try an out Appvn apk, which is known for its feasibility and facility. It is one of the age-competitive app stores with reliable content, and all are free of cost, which means all kinds of Apk’s, Game’s, Modded, and more all the premium content are available freeware here.

Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 & Higher
App Versionv8.0.5 Latest
App Size10.2MB
DeveloperAppvn nic
License TypeFree!

Appvn apk is a Third-party AppStore to download popular and trending apps & games free of cost with a unique feature for Android users. It’s a central hub to download all the modded, Tweaked apps & games freeware, which are chargeable over the official app store.

appvn apk

Version: Latest

Last Updated: 3 days ago

Download Appvn APK


  • Multiple Operating systems supportive such as Android, IOS & Windows.
  • Compatible Advanced User-Interface embed core features On Home Screen.
  • Tons of Apk’s like E-books, Tv-Shows, Games, Streaming, Music, and more.
  • Light-weight store with quick downloading tactics.
  • Hub of Trending Crack & Modified versions of apps & games.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Downloading & operating could be possible without registration.

Why Appvn APK is the Best?

Appvn apk is one of the incredible-competitor among the marketplace, which is popular for its unique and distinct features. Appvn apk mostly searched to download popular apps & games with its Hack & modified version. This application is committed to serving virus-free apps with a compatible interface. Users can get all kinds of stuff freeware within a second because it consumes less time to download. This versatile application offers varieties of apps such as Streaming, ringtones, E-books, Video-Downloader, and more, not only for Android but also for users to access this stuff in the IOS platform. While this apk is comfortable for developers too to upload their self-prepared applications on this app vn platform without any restrictions. 


How to download APPVN APK

Before downloading This edge-competitor Appvn apk-2020, make sure you should get this apk from any reliable source because this unofficial app is unavailable over Google Play Store. While downloading this apk, Enable “downloading from unknown sources” such as permission from Android devices to establish apk over the OS. 

  • Click here to download the Appvn App Store.
  • Wait, it started downloading. 
  • While the pop-up launch.
  • Proceed the apk for Installation.
  • Follow pre-written instructions to move further.
  • ‘Allow’ the required app permissions.
  • Now you entered the dashboard of the App on the Menu screen.
  • Tap on the selected App icon and start fetching your required-one.

Try…an out the latest update over this series, the ‘Pro’-version of the appvn apk-2020. This-ones has prepared with the new advanced technology with friendly-UI. You can use this apk and download the stuff from this platform freeware. Millions of active users are using this apk worldwide and get all the premium apk free of cost.

Download APPVN ON PC

You could not struggle to download this apk over PC & there is an un-required rooting procedure to access this apk over pc. Only you need to download any reliable emulator such as BlueStack, Nox to access this apk. Just follow this step and enjoy this apk over PC.

  • Click here to download the link for get this.
  • Accept the T&C.
  • Locate the file into the system.
  • Wait till the file gets downloaded.
  • Open the file and install it.
  • Now open the Appvn apk on emulator.

Download Apps From APPStore

Appvn apk is one of the wide variety of App Store which consists of tons of applications & games. It works like google play store, but this versatile store is feasible for all the platform such as Android, IOS & Windows. Users can quickly grab all kinds of Crack, Hack & Modified, or Premium stuff freeware For Androids.

  • Open the AppStore Dashboard.
  • Started search for the required-one.
  • Select one and click on the download link.
  • Now click over the installation option.
  • Hang-on it takes a few seconds to install.

Is it safe?

Don’t worry to think about the security of your Android device. Appvn apk is absolutely free from any kind of Bug, Viruses, or any other technical-legs. Appvn apk does not fetch any kind of personal data or any information from the devices or could not serve the faulty data to users. It is the safest third-party AppStore in the market place which contain thousand of apk with reliableness. While installing Appvn AppStore, please read the T&C or any required permission carefully, then install it Because this AppStore does not compromise with the user’s device security.

How to change APK Language?

Basically, the formation of this apk is in the Vietnamese language in 2011, Afterward getting popularity, the developer has promoted this application globally to share the application and its content worldwide. There are tons of application has accumulated with different categories and languages. You can simply get all this stuff. Eventually, this application is in standard languages (English) but However, after download if you see this application is in Vietnamese languages, so follow this step to change in English.

  • Click over the three-dotted line over the top-left corner.
  • Select “ ‘cài đặt‘” this option enter into the setting.
  • Now Check “‘Cài đặt ngôn ng‘” this option it means Language.
  • Afterward, tap over the English languages. 

Is it void the warranty of the device?

Appvn apk is a secure platform where one can access various application and games in free of cost, and the best part is that it does not require any rooting procedure for install this apk, means a user can access this app store without root. Hence This apk doesn’t void the warranty of android devices. APK does not recommend any kind of Rooting procedure because it does void the warranty of Android smartphones. 

Possible Errors and Solutions

Download Failed: “unable to download the app” if such errors occur, then Go to Setting and clear the Cache data.

Not Responding: If the apk does not respond or such kind of not responding pop-up does show, then restore the default setting.

Unable to download App vn App Store: Go to setting > Enable USB Debugging & Unknown Source option for the successful downloading.

Antivirus & Firewall: If you’re having any antivirus software or the apk is not install, then Click-oFF the firewall of the antivirus firewall then tries again.


It is the most acceptable Application which has recommended though its reliableness. Intrinsically it is an alternative App Store for Android & IOS users. Furthermore, it comes with a wide variety of applications & games with its hack, crack & modified version. Even though this application does not weight-up your android device, it consumes less memory of the device. Also, this application provides a responsive user-interface for enhancing the user viewing experience. Quickly you can grab any kind of popular premium stuff for free of cost from App vn Apk Store. There are numerous advantages of this App vn app store with its secure and bug,virus-free environment.

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